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emerges about what led to the deadly shooting. the cellphone video we for showed yesterday shows how it ended, a chp officer running to his patrol car after shooting the man who authorities just said shot this man. >> a report of shots fired began with what you see from chopper 5, a dead deer lying in the road >> officer youngstrom pulled over on the shoulder and were about to deal with the dead deer >> that is when his beat partner radioed that he was about to pull over a green jeep wrangler. youngstrom spotted the jeep >> he stepped from his vehicle to direct the jeep onto the shoulder when he saw it >> inside the jeep was the suspect. he is heavily armed with a loaded gun, ammunition and a knife >> looking at the dashboard
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camera video of it shows that officer youngstrom and the lacy have a short conversation. without any warning he pulled out a gun and shot the officer in the head >> youngstrom, a father of four, is still hospitalized clinging to life. his family says he is clinging to hope >> is a man of faith close to his family and right now his family is hurting as well as the community in general >> we also learned today that once his be partner radio for help on that call, he then came back to youngstrom and started administering first aid to him. we heard there were first passers-by who stop and help out as much as they could. >> officer youngstrom is the
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focus of countless thoughts and prayers and a vigil is planned for tonight in fairfield? >> it is at 730 here at ridge view park, they are expecting a couple of hundred or 300 people or so. they contend the vigil to before the children in this community, many of whom no officers parents family. a chp officer watches over the officer's home. in his absence, his uniform brothers and sisters protect the large extended family. youngstrom is described as the man of faith >> on the employee appreciation day he is the first one to volunteer to barbeque or do any help that we need >> he is a married father of two boys and two girls and a private man. this fire fighter joined the growing tribute >> this officer obviously put
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his life and of the life of his family and children on the line for the citizens of contra costa and the state of california >> 3 year-old julie express our sadness with a handmade cards >> she knows from the informed that he is a good guy >> good guys are not supposed to get hurt. people are concerned there just aren't any rules anymore >> their life will never be the same, how you go back and unring the bell? you don't >> many of the families live in the fairfield area and this news has shaken those who know the family. tonight's vigil is meant to comfort them but parents know they cannot explain the senseless >> we can't expect the kids to understand what is happening because we can't understand what is happening and the best we can do is come together and hopefully suv ourselves at the same time >> the vigil will last about a
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half-hour. there will be a moment of silence and lighting of candles. it is meant to comfort the children in the community who might be scared about what happened >> investigators are working to create a profile of the shooting suspect and tonight we are learning new details about who he was. christopher lacey was a software engineer who did work around the bay area. it picture is emerging of someone he kept to himself. joe vasquez has been looking into who he was >> he lived in the bay area, he moved from bend oregon where he graduated from high school but the fact is that much of his life and his motives are still a mystery. >> we have been told that he pretty much keeps to himself. >> according to an on-line profile, christopher lee c. posted to his own website, he earned a living as a software engineer. in san francisco state
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university spokesperson confirmed that he got his master's degree there in 2005 but otherwise they have no comment. for seven years he lived at this house in sausalito and according to his website he moved to a farm near chico where he sold organic vegetables and continued to do free-lance computer work >> he had only one other brush with allot >> we do know of one other prior arrest in 2006 in marin county for driving under the influence >> a spokesperson says it is still not clear what set him off. why after a brief conversation he suddenly decided to pull out a semi-automatic handgun and shoot the a chp officer point blank in bed or for that matter, why he was so heavily armed >> inside the vehicle they found a loaded semi-automatic handgun in addition to to loaded
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magazines. there was also a knife that was found >> police in corning remove several computers and derives from his home. investigators say his parents are cooperating with that investigation. there are now on their way to oregon on the way to the bay area expected to arrive here this evening >> we have continuing coverage on the shooting on the air and on line, head to for the entire news conference this morning. find out how you can help the officer's family >> paul has his eye on rare summer showers and lightning >> we could see some dry lightning out there so it is pretty active. tropical moisture we have been talking about has arrived in here's a look at high-definition doppler radar and we are showing
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a few showers which just left the 680 corridor. that shower is moving away from you and there are no new ones to replace it. look at this activity west of bodega bay. this will most likely miss marin county. a lot of showers out there, and many of us are dodging them. because of the chance of some thunderstorms there is a red flag warning in effect for the north bay health and the east bay hills. any lightning strikes could increase that fire danger. we will talk about when that will move out in about 10 minutes. >> another chapter in the very public fall of not be a lot year. we have learned that she was arrested last week on drug and child endangerment charges. she was arrested in orange county where she and her nine year-old son were staying with a
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relative. officers said they found methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia. she resigned earlier this year after a drug in all the incident at a hotel in new work >> oakland police have arrested a man they say fired shots then he chp cruiser. pullover the driver of the van for not wearing a seat belt. the suspect got away. two other suspects in a separate car were arrested during the july 20th incident. >> the major movie in side as the democrats try to squeeze tens of thousands into a smaller space >> the countdown is on, bullfighting is live with the bay bridge clock keeping workers on track >> link between football and
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>> as former president bill clinton gets ready to take the stage tonight, crews are scrambling to make some last minute changes the day before the president speaks >> randall kingston is live in charlotte with the latest on the second day of the dnc. >> most of the seats are filled here tonight as people prepare for the speech from one of the most popular democrats, former president bill clinton. the statement began with disappointment, they had to cancel plans to hold president obama's except in speech in a 74,000 seat stadium. people will be able to hear him in the arena tomorrow night but more than 40,000 people expected to be there are being told they will need to old viewing parties at home. crews are tearing down the
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stage at bankamerica stadium where the president was supposed party's nomination. the threat of severe weather forced convention planners to move the program inside >> we want to be sitting inside, outside when it is pouring down rain so it makes sense >> oh my god, you don't know how many disappointed people there are. there are some many people from all over the country who are coming down just for that event. >> the president arrived in charlotte today and will now speak from the time warner cable arena. >> it didn't work out so that means we need to be four times as enthusiastic to our knight >> bill clinton will be here tomorrow night to place the name for a second nomination >> bill clinton still carries a lot of weight >> tonight, malia expects the
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former president to focus on the economy >> i think the american people when it comes to the economy have faith in bill clinton and his policies and i think his policies and approaches are very similar to president obama >> first lady michelle obama is also working to motivate the base, speaking with key groups including the african-american and hispanic caucuses. in his comments, president bill clinton will be saying that president obama inherited a deeply damage the economy, that he began the road to recovery and that he deserves another four years to continue the work he is doing. >> >> tonight on consumer watch, the big squeeze coming to one airline. >> the bay bridge construction trailer, less,,
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>> family members gathered outside the vallejo police department demanding answers in a deadly officer involved
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shooting. police say they shot and killed 20 year-old mario romero after he reached for what they thought was a gun. investigators later found it was a replica firearms. >> a candlelight vigil will be held in morgan hill for an missing teenager. congresswoman zoe lofgren visited the search center. even though her body has never been found antolin garcia- torres has been arrested for her murder. police say they found dna in his car. ken bastida is live in mobile 5 where the countdown is on for the new bay bridge >> it is getting exciting now, this is the construction trailer, let me show you what is going on inside. a clock on the wall and 362
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days, 11 hours, 38 minutes, and 45 seconds left until the bay bridge opening. i would say their best guess right now is september 3, 2013 for the big opening ceremony and there is a ton of work to do as you can imagine in this final 12 months. one of the most significant projects is the load transfer where they take the weight off the structure that the bridge is sitting on now and they transfer it to the cables. it will take a couple of more months for it to be finished. they expect sometime in late november before it is all finished. that is the biggest deal right now according to caltrans. what has to be done within the timeframe? >> what has to be done, one of
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the biggest things we're doing now is putting the weight of the self anchor suspension bridge on the system. >> something else you have not heard because i was just told this and i am told nobody else knows about it, the weekend that they're going to reopen the bridge, there is potential that before they reopen it, the bridge will have to shut down for up to five days. that is not in concrete but they are looking at the possibility of closing the bridge for five days before they open it up. whales have to be put in, the temporary bike path needs to be put in and they have more paving and other work so we cross our fingers. >> it warning tonight for women. julie watts has the story >> the fda is now recall
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untainted tampons. they made their way onto store shelves in they're investigating how that happened. manufacturers say they were stolen and then sold it before they were sent off to be destroyed. they failed inspections because of potentially unhealthy levels of bacteria and metallic particles. it is still unclear where they were sold or when they were stolen. consumers are urged to check the red box on the bottom of the carton for any of the affected codes. for a list head to , get ready for a tighter squeeze. united airlines announced it will retrofit some planes with slimmer seats. they will squeeze in six more seats per cabin. the airline says that passengers should notice the change and leg room will not be affected. other major airlines have
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announced other similar changes. if you have a consumer story, give us a call. our volunteers are actually working on a consumer complaint about another one where a family was stranded with no luggage. >> on glad they're putting in wireless so i can go on yelp and complain about that. >> we're checking the radar, we have been watching it evolves over the past hour or two and we are seeing some showers but no thunderstorm activity over the bay itself. first up will head down to the south bay where we're picking up a few showers and out. just to the west of san jose, sunnyvale, in a matter of minutes you will have a shower and also livermore, 580 is well-
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traveled and you have a shower headed towards you. it will be there within 20-30 minutes. a few showers out there and is sticking out there. for this evening, showers will be around for the coast and the bay. away from the bay, a couple of thunderstorms are possible with temperatures cooling down to the '70s. the moisture is coming up from the tropics, the remnants of tropical storm john. it is cloudy from chico all the way south to san diego. that is rare for this time in september. with a slight but still under
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storm chance, the red flag warning continues but watch what happens tomorrow. by tomorrow morning into the afternoon we begin to clear things out. scattered showers tonight, slight chance of a thunderstorm from now through lunchtime tomorrow. a high of 80 tomorrow for campbell. 89 in brentwood, conquered 84. mid-60's in san francisco. an offshore wind might develop, clearing out the coast with highs in the upper 60s. roberta is live in pleasanton
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keeping one eye to the fun and the other to the sky >> would have mostly cloudy skies in pleasanton with a little bit of debris is out of the west shaking up the leaves on the elm trees. currently 82 degrees in pleasanton and every wednesday, the first wednesday of the month, closed down beautiful main street and about 25,000 people come out to party. we will even talk about the raindrops we are experiencing as well. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> the nfl season starts tonight that that is not the only football mayors >> a new study links that sport to several debilitating brain diseases.
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>> during eight seasons in the nfl kevin turner had plenty of collisions, some so hard that they made it said spent >> ringing in your ears, you may see some spots >> now the 43 year-old is battling lou gehrig's disease. a study finds that players like turner may be likely to die from diseases such as als and alzheimer's disease >> three times the risk of dying from these diseases then the general population >> recent study suggests that head injuries on the field might lead to and neurological problems but this study stopped short of drawing that conclusion. the study looked at retired players who played for the nfl between 59-88 for five years or more. the nfl says it has taken significant steps to address head injuries and protect players >> we would hope with some of
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the changes in the turf and rule changes it will eventually lead to the reduction of concussions >> patience with the disease eventually lose control of the muscles needed to move, speak, eat, and brave. >> never did i think that my mental or cognitive abilities would be imperative by playing this game >> now he is trying to make sure that other athletes could be putting themselves at risk when they play this game. more than 2000 former nfl players including turner are suing the league, accusing the nfl of hiding information about brain injury risks. [ male announcer ] it started long ago.
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>> here is a we're working on for the six caught view this. then make more than $90,000 per year on average so why hundreds of employees in the bay area city on a low income brake on their water bills >> he said the car is gone >> she was inside shopping, the family car was towed away from the parking lot. we uncover a little-known rule at a popular bay

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